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This guide will help you with your physics science research.

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About This Guide

This guide is intended to help students in Physics classes with research on Physics and related subjects. The Physics Subject Guides provide access to discipline-based information and resources, including databases, web-based resources and support material.


You can find the books related to Physics in the Q-Z Book Lounge. For open-shelf collection, after having the call number of a book from the catalog search, you can seek for it throughout the shelves classified using Library of Congress Classification Scheme as follows;

Please click the below links to see all materials (books, e-books, thesis, video etc.) in the library's collection related to these subjects. 

Q 1 - 385 Science (General)
QC 1 - 999 Physics
QC 81 -114 Weights and measures
QC 120 - 168.5 Descriptive and experimental mechanics
QC 170 - 197 Atomic physics. Constitution and properties of matter
Including quantum theory, solid-state physics
QC 220 - 246 Acoustics. Sound
QC 251 - 338.5 Heat
QC 350 - 467 Optics. Light
Including spectroscopy
QC 474 - 496.9 Radiation physics (General)
QC 501 - 766 Electricity and magnetism
QC 770 - 798 Nuclear and particle physics. Atomic energy. Radioactivity
QC 801 - 809 Geophysics. Cosmic physics
QC 811 - 849 Geomagnetism
QC 851 - 999 Meteorology. Climatology

In addition to physical books, the library also has a number of e-books which can be accessed by IZTECH members on or off campus.  E-Books can be found by searching the IYTExplore or IZTECH Library Catalog by author, title, subject or keyword. It is also possible to find e-books by searching various e-book platforms directly. 

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