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Architecture: Tools

This guide will help you with your architectural research

Cybertecture Egg - Mumbai

The Cybertecture Egg is a 13-story commercial building located in Bandra kurla complex Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Architect James Law designed the Cybertecture Egg along with Ove Arup's building systems and engineering firm. The building was designed with sustainability in mind and has 33,000 sqm of office space, an elevated garden, and three levels of basement with 400 parking spaces, all in about 15% less space than a traditional office building. The structure of the Cybertecture Egg uses a diagrid exoskeleton, which forms a rigid structural system and allows it to be built with less building material than a traditional orthogonal building. The building will use wind turbines and solar photovoltaic panels to generate onsite electricity. There is also a greywater recycling system which uses water for landscaping and irrigation.

Kaynak: Wikipeida

Assess Your Research Performance - SciVal

SciVal is an online tool that offers quick, easy access to the research performance of over 24,000 research institutions and 230 nations worldwide using bibliometrics.

Scival enables you to research performance summaries of any desired research entity, such as Institutions, Countries, Research Groups, and Topics.

Using the Overview module

  • You can analyze your research performance in detail.
  • You can get an overview of your institution’s research performance, other universities, countries, and research groups.
  • You can generate insights based on Scholarly Output and International co-authorship data used in the Ranking systems (THE WUR and QS).

You can access SciVal with the same username and password you use for other Elsevier products (such as ScienceDirect or Scopus). If you do not have an account for other Elsevier products, you will need to first register with your IZTECH e-mail. Click here to learn more information about registering Scival.

Data Analysis and Graph - OriginLab Pro

Origin is the data analysis and graphing tool. It contains powerful tools for all your data analysis needs, including curve fitting, statistics, peak analysis, and signal processing.

It is possible to have unlimited installations, but only 12 computers can run it simultaneously. Please write to the email address to take installation information.