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About This Guide

This guide is intended to help students in Civil Engineering classes with research on Civil Engineering and related subjects. The Civil Engineering Subject Guides provide access to discipline-based information and resources, including databases, web-based resources and support material.

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You can find the books related to Civil Engineering in the Q-Z Book Lounge. For open-shelf collection, after having the call number of a book from the catalog search, you can seek for it throughout the shelves classified using Library of Congress Classification Scheme as follows; 

T 1 - 995 Technology (General)
TA 1 - 2040 Engineering (General). Civil engineering (General)
TA 166 - 167  Human engineering
TA 168   Systems engineering
TA 177.4 - 185 Engineering economy
TA 349 - 359 Mechanics of engineering. Applied mechanics
TA 401 - 492 Materials of engineering and construction
Including strength of materials, testing and properties of materials
TA 501 - 625 Surveying
TA 630 - 695 Structural engineering (General)
TA 705 - 710.5 Engineering geology. Rock mechanics. Soil mechanics
TA 715 - 787  Earthwork. Foundations
TA 800 - 820 Tunneling. Tunnels
TA 1001 - 1280 Transportation engineering (General)
TA 1501 - 1820 Applied optics. Lasers
Including applied holography, optical data processing
TA 2001 - 2040  Plasma engineering. Applied plasma dynamics
TC 1 - 978 Hydraulic engineering
TC 1501 - 1800 Ocean engineering
TE 1 - 450 Highway engineering
TG 1 - 470 Bridge engineering
TH 1 - 9745 Building construction

All books (printed and electronic) can be searched by the IZTECH Library Catalog by author, title, subject, or keyword. 

IZTECH Library has many reliable databases which can be accessed by IZTECH members on or off campus.  E-resources (books, journals, etc.) can be found by searching the IYTExplore by author, title, subject, or keyword. 

If you access the databases from off-campus, please read the information about accessing them off-campus.

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