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Includes information about DIRNA Project


About DIRNA Project

The Establishment of Institutional Repository Network in Azerbaijan (DIRNA) Project is an Erasmus+ project in partnership with eight Azerbaijani Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and three European HEIs for 2023-2026.  The DIRNA project aims to build capacity to ensure the management of research outputs, focusing on eight leading Azerbaijani HEIs. DIRNA activities include reviewing the current status of research outputs management in the seven Azerbaijani partner universities, assessing the drivers and barriers influencing Azerbaijani staff and students with regards to sharing their research outputs, developing tailored training to increase capacity among AZHEIs, research support staff for designing, implementing, operating, populating, and sustaining OAIRs.

The proposed platform will include three main components that fill the gaps in the project:

  1. A network of repositories that enables discovery,
  2. Flexible central repository of knowledge supporting the Azerbaijani Universities’ teaching, research, and related activities, both in the present day and for the long-term future and
  3. Virtual Reference Center as a hub of reference and research activities in institutional repository data management.