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Open Access: E-books

Library eBooks

You can find eBooks in the library in a number of ways.  Here is a list of our primary eBook collections.

  • EBSCO eBooks
    Tens of thousands of eBooks on various topics. Searchable and downloadable.
  • Library Catalog
    Includes records for all the eBooks owned by the Blume Library. Also includes online government documents.
  • Gale Virtual Reference Library
    Searchable reference eBooks. Encyclopedias, handbooks, timelines, etc.
  • Credo Reference
    Searchable reference eBooks. Another source, like GVRL, to search for encyclopedias and other reference materials.

What is an eBook?

According to the Oxford English Dictionary (an eBook available from our library!), an eBook is:

e-book, n.

Pronunciation:  Brit. /ˈiːbʊk/ , U.S. /ˈiˌbʊk/

Forms:  E-book, e-book, eBook, ebook.

Etymology:   e- prefix1 + book n.
A hand-held electronic device on which the text of a book can be read. Also: a book whose text is available in an electronic format for reading on such a device or on a computer screen; (occas.) a book whose text is available only or primarily on the Internet.In form Ebooks a proprietary name in the United Kingdom.

e-book, n.
Third edition, September 2001; online version March 2012. <>; accessed 04 May 2012.

EBSCO eBooks

The Blume Library purchases most of our eBooks via EBSCO eBooks (formerly NetLibrary).  We currently own about 60,000 eBooks via the EBSCO database. You can find our EBSCO eBooks via the Library Catalog or directly via the EBSCO database.  

You can search and read EBSCO eBooks while in the database.  However, EBSCO eBooks offers you the feature of checking out and download eBooks to your personal computer or to various eReader devices (iPad, Nook, etc.).  

Here are the basic steps to checking out and downloading a book to your computer.

  1. Search the Library Catalog or EBSCO eBooks and locate a book you want to check out.  (Note, to read the book while online, just click on the link labeled "eBook Full Text.") 
  2. Click on the link labeled "Download (Offline)."
  3. If you are not already signed in with a MyEBSCOhost account, you will get a message that says "Please sign in to check availability and download." Sign in or Create an Account.
    •    To Create an Account: you will fill in a short form where you decide on your personal username and password.  Remember this login information; you will need it to download eBooks.     
  4. Sign in with your MyEBSCOhost account.
  5. A box will pop up asking you "Checkout and Download" the title you select. You can check out a book for up to 14 days.  You will need to have or install Adobe Digital Editions to download a book to your computer.  
  6. Once the item is checked out to you, you will see a pop-up box with the mesage "This eBook was checked out successfully."
  7. Find the Adobe Digital Editions program on your computer.  Open the program to read the book you checked out.

(image: "The future of books" by Johann Larsson on Flickr under a Creative Commons license.)

San Antonio Area eBooks

The San Antonio Public Library has a great collection of eBooks, eAudiobooks, and other electronic materials. The public library's collection emphasizes popular fiction and nonfiction where the Blume Library's eBooks are often more academically-oriented.  

You can take advantage of SAPL's library resources if you have a San Antonio Public Library card.  Residents of Bexar County are eligible for public library cards

If you do not live in Bexar County, see if your local public library offers eBooks, and if so, sign up for a public library card!

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