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Different Access to Articles: Home

List of ways to get Access to Articles in İzmir Institute of Technology Library.

Do you need to quickly locate articles or other items that the IZTECH Library does not subscribe to?

Interlibrary Loan

If you are unable to find the article you need, you can ask the Interlibrary Loan Service of your organization to order the item for you. The library will identify the library where the article is available and request a copy of the item. The fees charged for Interlibrary Loans vary.

IZTECH Library's ILL staff are available and happy to assist you.

Request to Authors

Most publishers will allow “responsible sharing” of one's own publications. One way to get an article is to contact the author and ask for a pdf. You can refer to Sherpa/Romeo to check current license terms for the journal in question.​

Join an academic social network such as as ResearchGate,, Mendeley, or Humanities Commons and request articles from colleagues in the network. Note that the network may collect your data, so understand the terms.

Contact the Library for Assistance

We can help you locate  the information you need: Contact Ask-A-Librarian to get help.