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City & Regional Planning: Journals

Bu rehber; ulusal ve uluslararası şehir ve bölge planlama eğitimine, araştırmalarına ve uygulamalarına eleştirel ve yaratıcı yaklaşan meslek insanları yetiştirmek amacında olan Şehir ve Bölge Planlama Bölümlerine destek olmak amacıyla kurulmuştur.

Seattle Public Library

The Seattle Central Library has many design elements and features to lessen its energy and environmental impact on our planet. The building is divided into eight horizontal layers, each varying in size to fit its function.  A structural steel and glass skin unifies the multifaceted form and defines the public spaces in-between. 

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Getting a Journal Article from Other Libraries

If there is a Journal article IYTE library does not have full text access to, you may obtain a copy from other libraries using the Interlibrary Loan.

You can search ULAKBIM Periodicals Catalog to find out which universities have the article.

Getting information about Interlibrary Loan click here.

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