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LibX IZTECH - Bringing library resources to your browser : Overview & Installation

What is LibX

LibX is a browser add-on you can download for Firefox and Google Chrome. LibX will give you easier access to IZTECH Library Catalog and other resources from anywhere.

LibX is a freeopen source scholars' extension for the Firefox and Google Chrome ,Internet Explorer browsers that lets people use services offered by their library. Users can search their library catalog(s) and databases through a search bar or through a context menu. The context menu is adaptive (changing depending on what the user selected) and configurable (allowing the user to include any configured resource). LibX supports the catalogs of all major vendors. In addition, any resource that can be searched using an http GET request can be included, similar to Firefox's smart keywords.

Resources can also be accessed using auto-generated links for DOIsISBNsISSNs, and PMIDs. Links are also placed in specific pages, such as book vendor sites or book review sites.

The tabs on this guide will show you how to install LibX and how to connect instantly to information resources including:

  • IZTECH Library
  • Google Scholar

Install LibX



   Click to download LibX for Firefox




Click to download LibX for Chrome

After your installation is complete, you can see IZTECH Logo on the right of the top page.

LibX will help you to:

  1. Search IZTECH Catalog, Periodicals or IYTExplore
  2. Reload web pages through IZTECH proxy
  3. Add right-click menu options for easier searching
  4.  Connect popular websites to IZTECH catalog
  •  Amazon
  •  Google
  •  Google Scholar