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Academic Writing and Referencing Style: Referencing-how

How you Reference your information Sources

Referencing - how do I get started?


Watch this Tutorial on "How to Reference" from The University of Sydney Library.


Read the 'Who, When, What & Where' parts of an APA reference.


Referencing Style Manuals

You must reference your information sources (i.e., identify the sources of any ideas, quotes, statistics or other materials, etc you have used or relied upon). To do this, you use a Referencing Style. There are many different styles and each has its own Style Manual.

What do Referencing Style Manuals do?

Style manuals list rules on the content of your References as well as the layout (i.e. the formatting, capitalisation, indendation, punctuation, etc) of references. They also include examples of how to arrange and present your in-text references, or endnotes/footnotes, and Reference List or Bibliography. 

This LibGuide only refers to the Referencing Style known as the APA Style, and in particular the 6th Edition of that style. 
Specificially, the Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (6th ed.). 2010

There are many different styles of referencing. Use the style which your School or Faculty specifies.

Please refer to the followings sections of this LibGuide for an overview of the APA 6th Edtion style. In particular, you will find numerous specific Examples of references (citations) in the APA 6th Edtion style listed.