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LibX IZTECH - Bringing library resources to your browser : Easy Off Campus Access

Reload web pages through IZTECH proxy

If you are working off campus and find an article you need, simply right-click and choose "Follow link via ......"  If the library owns the item, you will be prompted to login (with first part of institute e-mail and password ) and you will be able to access the article.

Have you ever tried to view an article online, but you get stopped with an error because the web site doesn't acknowledge that you're from IZTECH? LibX helps with that, whether you're on or off campus! 

Instead of having to do a search in Vera to find the article again, with LibX, right-click (or control-click on a Mac) to see the menu to "reload the page via IZTECH Libraries Proxy."  You may be asked to authenticate through Touchstone, and then, if the IZTECH  Libraries subscribe to the resource, you'll be able to view it right away.

Also you can choose Proxies after click LibX IZTECH Logo on the right of the top page.