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LibX IZTECH - Bringing library resources to your browser : Right-click Options

Right-Click Menu

LibX allows you to search the IZTECH Library catalog and other resources straight from any web page.

Highlight the the words that you wish to search for, and right-click on the highlighted text.

You can then make the appropriate choice:

  • Search the IZTECH Library catalog for title, keyword, subject , ISBN, All Fields, Keyword in Subject Headings, Keyword in Author Headings  or author
  • Search Google Scholar using those words

Your search results will open in a new browser window.

Please do it  every step;

- Click IZTECH Logo on the right of the top page and click Preferences,

- Click on the Context Menu,

- And you should click all of  them.

Every step is finished.


Start to use it!

If you choose "Search  IYTExplore for Keyword "Anatolia" , you can go result page directly.

If you choose "Search  Catalog for Title "Anatolia" , you can go result page directly.