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Open Access: Open Access Week

OA Week at Virginia Tech October 15, 2012 to October 19, 2012 – Virginia Tech campus

Virginia Tech Libraries, in partnership with the Graduate School, is celebrating Open Access  at Virginia Tech in honor of the sixth annual global Open Access Week. We are hosting a series of lectures and workshops to raise awareness of open access and options Virginia Tech scholars have for providing the widest possible access to their research and scholarship.

Open Access Week at CU-Boulder October 17, 2012 at 12pm to October 25, 2012 at 7pm – University of Colorado Boulder

The CU-Boulder Libraries and the United Government of Graduate Students are celebrating Open Access Week with a slate of informative and exciting events geared toward students, faculty, and librarians. Complete lineup and details here: Hope to see you there!

University of South Florida Tampa Library Hosts community wide OA events

This year we will be hosting Open Access Week events here at the University of South Florida Tampa Library. We are excited to join this national movement by highlighting university wide efforts to create, support, and use open access. Please join us to learn how USF is participating in this global initiative. All events will be open to the community and held in room LIB209. To see a complete list of events please visit:

Dutch program for Open Access week is online

The overview of Dutch activities during the Open Access week 2012 is online The

overview is only available in Dutch. But several seminars and presentations will be in English. More information on these

presentations is available in English on the local websites.


To celebrate Open Access week this year, VUT Library has organized a one day mini seminar on Thursday, 25 October. This

will be held at Vanderbijlpark Campus and several speakers have been invited from universities, publishing houses, libraries

and other organizations to share ideas on open access publishing, policies, the rights of authors and publishers, and other

topics. For further information on the activities planned at Vaal University of Technology (VUT) Library for Open Access week,

kindly click at:

Open Access Activities @ Khazar University

Khazar University Library and Information Center (LIC) has been participating in Open Access Week during last some years. The main our activities were presentations, publications, translations the key OA documents from English into Azeri, etc.

In 2011 year Translation the Berlin Declaration on Open Access from English into... by Khazar University staff helped academic institutions, research funding agencies, libraries in Azerbaijan to more clearly understand the advantages of worldwide free and unrestricted open access to scientific research.

This year a special attention will be paid to series workshops devoted encouraging Khazar University academic community to publish their work according to the principles of the open access; developing Khazar Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences and other university open access on line-journals in order to maintain the standards of quality assurance and good scientific practice; developing open access Khazar University Institutional Repository (KUIR).

Khazar University academic staff publications are either to be deposited in the KUIR, or to be published in the Khazar open access journals. Meanwhile, the advantages of worldwide free and unrestricted access to scientific research are beyond controversy. For researchers, using open access maximises their research impact, increases their visibility and raises their reputation. Users are benefiting from open access as well: they can access relevant information on the Web worldwide at any time.

Discussions and presentations of the creation and establishment working models of Open Access journals and institutional repositories for the academic and library community will be held at the Khazar University Library and Information Center in October, 2012 during Open Access Week.

One of the presentations will be concentrate on the first annual international “Award for Open Access,” which supports scientists and publishers in developing nations in order to improve open access to research publications. We will provide information about nominees receiving an honorary certificate for their contributions to open access and what we we should do to get involved in this process to receive the future awards.

JKUAT Library in partnership with JKUMUN students to participate in the Global 2012 OAW.

The JKUAT library in partnership with JKUAT students has previously participated in the OAW 2010 and 2011 with activities

such as workshops, exhibitions, competitions and a beauty pageant which has now become an annual event.


Open Access Week Perú

Peru is also part of this celebration and we are organizing several conferences and workshops during October 24th and 25th. Please review our program at (of course in Spanish) and share with all the stakeholders! We are going to have speakers from Argentina, Mexico, USA, España and Peru.

Open Access Week advocacy posters

BioMed Central have produced a number of posters  to show our support for Open Access Week.  They can be freely downloaded and put up in your labs, libraries, lecture theatres or even your living rooms if you really want!  Why not brighten up that blank space on the wall and remind people about the importance of open access?

Open Access Resources for Students - JEPS Bulletin

During the months of editing the Journal of European Psychology Students' Bulletin, we have written quite a few posts on Open Access. They are primarily aimed at educating and engaging students on open access topics. There are some great introductory posts explaining the basics of open access, but also some critical pieces discussing current developments in OA.

You can find our whole OA archive here

Some specific posts:

Webinar Programme "Open Access Week @ AIMS" online!

The Webinar Programme for the "Open Access Week @ AIMS" is now available online!

As part of the CIARD Movement, the Agricultural Information Management Standards (AIMS) community is organizing a series of webinars on the theme "Making Agricultural Research Information Publicly Available and Accessible" during Open Access Week 2012. The event is co-sponsored by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the Global Forum on Agricultural Research (GFAR), the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) and the International Association of Agricultural Information Specialists (IAALD). The webinars will take place from October 23 to 26.

to contınue click;

Participation in Research: OA crucial for scientists global south

On October 25, 2012 during the Open Access week, the symposium Participation in Research: Open Access crucial for scientists in the global south will take place in the National Library in The Hague


 Open Access has gained a lot of attention in the media recently. Unfortunately,the importance of Open Access publishing for the global south remains largely neglected. This symposium raises awareness of the importance of this cause.

Especially in the developing economies in Asia, Latin America and Africa, science becomes increasingly important. Giving researchers there the opportunity to get acquainted with the scientific output in the West, gives them the opportunity to partake in ‘worldwide’ science. And as long as the output remains behind walls of paid content, no possibility for a dialogue will exist.


Open Access Week 2012 @ AIMS: Call for experiences

The Open Access Week is a global, annual event with the objective of raising awareness of Open Access, highlighting its advantages and benefits, as well as exchanging experiences. Organizations involved in scholarly and scientific communication showcase their activities, experiences and good practices in support of Open Access.

Agricultural Information Management Standards (AIMS) supports Open Access in the agricultural domain through the promotion of methodologies and good practices to enhance the accessibility and visibility or research data in agriculture and related sciences.

Help us to build the AIMS Glossary

The AIMS Glossary is set-up for AIMS users coming from less technical or other working areas than pure Information Management (IM). Its objective is to shortly define in plain English 'technical' terms much used in IM and to collect resources that explain these terms more extensively without becoming too technical.

AIMS team members at National Library of China and the Chinese National Library of Science and Technology

During a working visit to the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science in Beijing, AIMS team members Caterina Caracciolo and Johannes Keizer were invited to give presentations at the National Library of China and the Chinese National Libray of Science and Technology.

The presentation at the National Library focussed on the role of Libraries in creating a Linked Open Data Infrastructure.  Taking a traditional bibliographical record as a starting point, it was shown how Linked Data technology can transform this bibliographical record into a rich source of Information regarding the specific topic.  The presentation is available at :

NSTL  (National Science and Technology Library) is working on a big project to facilitate access to foreign scientific literature.  In the context of this project an Knowledge Organization System is created with 3 layers: basic vocabularies, super thesaurus and subject ontologies.  One of the sub-projects is the creation of a vocabulary management system very similar to the VocBench, developed by the AIMS team with partners. Therefore our Chinese colleagues were very interested in our experiences.  Caterina Caracciolo gave a demo of the VocBench capacities.  Johannes Keizer was appointed member of the " expert consulting committee" of the program.   The presentation with material is available at

A roadmap for moving CGIAR towards Open Access: A major mile stone.

The CGIAR consortium announced a roadmap towards achieving the goal of Open Access of its data and information. The CGIAR Consortium produces a wide range of data, knowledge, publications and other information products such as databases, processes and software. The purpose of this roadmap comes after CGIAR approved guidelines that provide a legal framework to Open Access.

Overview of the process leading to this CGIAR Roadmap.

This roadmap comes after a series of activities related to Open Access that were initiated within the CGIAR, these include the:

  • Triple A Framework (Availability, Accessibility, and Applicability) – This is a framework that seeks to help the CGIAR centres and programs and their scientist to decide on the level of Availability, Accessibility and Applicability (AAA) they want for their research outputs, and also the pathways with which to turn these outputs into International Public Goods.
  • The CGIAR Principles on the Management of Intellectual Assets – This policy provided guidelines on the management of intellectual assets for CGIAR centres. In relation to Open Access two key points emerge from these guidelines; the firstly being a commitment to sharing agricultural research outputs widely and secondly a broad definition of intellectual assets to encompass;- data, databases, knowledge and other information products.
  • Open Access Research outputs in agriculture survey (CIARD ,FAO & CGIAR). This worldwide survey amongst researchers in agriculture and related fields carried out in March 2011; which concluded that most researchers were committed into making research output freely and openly available.

Key activities in the roadmap

Against all these developments, the CGIAR roadmap was conceived in a workshop recently held in the consortium offices in Montpellier, France. The following were identified as activities :-

  • CGIAR Open Access Policy/Guidelines
  • A Plant Breeding Data Management System
  • A Spatial Information System
  • A Research Project Management System
  • CGIAR Knowledge Commons

Taskforces were formed around these activities and it is expected that work on each group that will all cumulate to the CGIAR Open Access Guidelines to submitted to the CGIAR board for approval

For more information see

You can also learn more about this case study by attending the open access week webinar on AIMS

11th European NKOS Workshop at TPDL 2012: Presentations now online

he 11th European Networked Knowledge Organization Systems (NKOS) Workshop, which was part of TPDL 2012, took place on 27 September 2012 in Paphos, Cyprus. Around 20 participants attended the workshop which was structured into the following three sessions:

  • KOS driving user applications
  • ISO 25964 Thesaurus Standard
  • KOS as infrastructure

OER Commons Green: Aggregating Best-in-Class Green Open Educational Resources

Dedicated to sustainability and resource conservation, OER Commons Green was developed by The Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education (ISKME) in collaboration with Agro-Know Technologies (Greece). Since 2010, a team of e-learning metadata specialists and educators have collaborated to provide both learners and educators with a vibrant Portal featuring over 3500 free to use, openly licensed resources on topics like climate change, pollution, agriculture and eco-culture from diverse providers around the globe. Mostly licensed under Creative Commons, the high quality resources cover a wide range of education materials, from research papers and articles to full courses, lesson plans, assignments, assessments, video lectures, games etc. for all educational levels and accessible in various formats.

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